What is AWGE?

AWGE is the creative organization run by A$AP Rocky and his A$AP Mob team - especially A$AP Twelvyy and A$AP Ferg - and coordinated by different artists - Matt Henson in fashion, Shane Gonzales in design, Kamil Abbas in the creative field.


“AWGE is a collective of young creatives, from: artists, to musical artists, who mastermind and change the aesthetic how things are in music, fashion, art”. Team leader A$AP Rocky said.


"It's a place for all inspired people born in 2014 to create authentic connectivity, solutions and content for music, fashion, film / TV and lifestyle industries".

On an official website, AWGE present a host of music, video, updates and, an e-commerce site. The website is very mind-blowing experience. Feels like you were back in the 90s. Where they build community of creative people who want to express their art.



The latest album is A$AP Mob - Cozy Tapes Vol. 2: Too Cozy. Listening to this album it gives you the feel or even takes you back to a time where you are with all your friends walking at school, maybe skip some classes and vibe in the city. Their nearest concert will be in Barclays Center, Brooklyn, Fri, Jan 17, 8:00 pm. A$AP Rocky with A$AP Mob.

Collection of video mixtapes

AWGE has 3 dvd rolls, which involve b-rool footage and parts out of Rocky’s life combined with lo-fi effect and late 90s videography aesthetic. These videos include such artists as - Tyler The Creator, Metro Boomin, Lil Uzi Vert, and different others.


Another amazing thing what they are introducing to us is the clothes. Different awge - hoodies, t-shirts, long sleeves, beanies, shorts, pants. Colours of those also are on point. Black hoodies and blue color text, or yellow+red. The attention to the detail, minimalistic approach is attractive. It immediately pops out, and welcomes you to buy it. Also there are some special “Babushka Boi” designs on t-shirts or long sleeves, who are very impressive. The most majestic piece, what most stood out was “Babushka Boi” shorts.

Still unclear what AWGE is?

Here is rules given by the A$AP Mob crew:


About us

#1 Never reveal what AWGE means

#2 When in doubt always refer to rule one





A$AP Ferg

Playboi Carti

A$AP Nast

Smooky Margielaa

A$AP Rocky


A$AP Twelvyy

A$AP Illz

Treez Lowkey

A$AP Ant




Matt Henson-Fashion

Hector Delgado-Music

Shane Gonzales-Design

Ian Connor-Curation

Kamil Abbas-Creative


Dexter Navy-Video


Wally Sajimi-Tech

Ben Baller-Jewelry




Take a look at website here.

Take a look at instagram here.


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