Spring Collection 20


Hello reader! We are so happy to introduce you to our upcoming newest clothing line - Spring Collection 20. The collection will be available in store at 3 February. This collection is with story in each design. We will tell you more about different stories who were triggers to new designs. How important is to build a community and spread the message. It is not some hoodie or tee what you can buy in H&M if you need it, these products has a story behind it. 



We have learned from pioneers in streetwear industry, and inspired also. Our biggest inspirations were from Streetwear brands like - Stussy, Supreme, MSFTSrep, Golf Wang, AWGE, Stray Rats, The Hundreds. But a big role also plays different people who influence us daily and they are - Steve Jobs, Bobby Kim AKA Bobby Hundreds, Alan Watts. 



With our unique finger print, we made our designs as we see it. Different color, patterns, and graphics are implemented. We had different designers in their fields who also were helping us with designs for this collection. They were Monta Masaļska and Ivo Krieviņš. Most of the designs are drawn by the founder of Reflection Klāvs Puidītis. The main focus was to tell our story - art is reflection of our lifestyle. Make a product, who has great quality and has the excitement and minimalistic feel to it. These designs have different emotions. When we can’t decide what to do in life, then we start asking do we know ourselves? When we have different problems in life, and we are burning out. When we just want to be with our selves and find our best version. All those emotions and questions we will describe in our graphic/embroidery designs which will be on tees and hoodies.  



Earth is everything to us. And how we treat it, it will show mirror reaction. This is a big turning point for Klāvs, because he started a vegan diet and discovered a whole new way of looking at things. It is good for health, and also good for earth. We don’t push anyone to be vegan, it is everyone individual choice. This design is drawn by Klāvs. Graphic will be on a black tee and hoodie both will be embroidered.



This is advice for everyone. A lot of times we are to much in our heads. And making big things out of nothing. Sometimes it is useful to reflect on our selves, but most important - Just be. Be here and now. Sometimes it is even healthy to turn off your phone for one day, and just go outside and breathe fresh air. That is life! Live life! Don’t just exist. Do every day what you love and be grateful for what you already have. In design the picture is in nature, located in Latvia city Liepaja. And the whole design says that it is so important to reset yourself once in a while. This design is made by Klāvs. This will be a black t-shirt with a dtg print on front and back.



Sometimes in life we don't know a lot of things even ourselves. There are those days, that we are confused about who are we, what we need to do in life. Some call it ego death, some depression, it depends on a person, and his or her view on life. In those moments when you feel down, that is the time, when you can build yourself up even stronger than before. Be with yourself, enter your deepest self, learn from your mistakes, thank for them, and eventually you will find yourself. You weren’t lost, you didn’t need to look outside in the world, it was inside in you. Concept collaboration with Monta Masaļska and Klāvs. This will be a black t-shirt with dtg print on front, it has orange/yellow color combination.



Message is simple. Art is reflection of our lifestyle. Art in any form is always going to reflect the wider trends of the world. We are what we believe in. And we believe in society, a band of outsiders, who thinks different. Who are creative, and want to express themselves and change something in this world. Design is made by Klāvs. This will be a black t-shirt with a neon green color reflection logo dtg print on front and back.



This is one of the graffiti tags for reflection. And the design meaning is self explanatory. To live in harmony with your both sides. And don’t be naive, but see things as they are. Because everything has two sides. A coin has two different sides. Also it is day and night. Black is Yin, more calm, moon, feminine. White is Yang, much stronger, sun, active, male. Be in touch with your both sides and be flexible. Design collaboration with Ivo Krieviņš and Klāvs. This will be a white t-shirt with a reflection tag on front and back with yin yang design dtg printed.


Thanks for reading this blog post. It means a lot to us. If you have any feedback, good or bad, just leave a comment. If you want to follow us, we have Instagram and Facebook accounts. Also The new collection will be available 1. February in Shop. Have a nice one, Peace!

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