Reflection Summer Collection 2021

Hello beautiful people. Your future depends on you, and nobody can't tell you that you can't do it or you will not make it. The only person who can limit you is yourself. You are better than that, and you can do it. Go get it.

Here is Klāvs writing, hope you are having a wonderful day. I would love to share what will happen and what has happened. This short blog will be about the upcoming Summer Collection 2021, a bit of retrospect of this brand, and sharing some good vibes.


Summer Collection 2021

Finally, we have made it this far and will be launching this drop on 11.May. It will be a deep emotional expression from me and a lot of inspiration from the past years. The designs will include a full emotion spectrum - starting with love, blissfulness, wholeness, ending with sad emotions, feeling lost, and then building from nothing to a better human being. Many designs are inspired by my favourite artists, creatives, clothing brands - Jaden Smith, A$AP Rocky, Tyler the creator, Virgil Abloh, Shawn Stussy, Supreme, Palace, Bape, Off-white, Kanye West, Kid Cudi, etc. I am very thankful for their inspiring art. We have contacted many people in streetwear and active lifestyle for this collection, for example, BMX and Skateboard riders. They are the ones who wear the clothing. We listened to their needs and made designs and clothing they would like to wear and feel comfortable in. The collection will contain - tees, sweatshirts, all kinds of hats, and tote bags.


I am very thankful for my amazing friends who are also involved in this expression of art. Thank you, Elisa Matvejeva. She helps me generate ideas for texts that you will see in the collection. Also, Elisa is filming, editing promotional videos, and taking photos for this upcoming drop. Here is Elisas instagram @xvdesire. A big shoutout also to Ernests Šulcs. He helped with his experience with art and way of seeing art in streetwear. And also making happen the newest promotional video. Here is Ernests instagram @yo.erno. We will launch the promo video on 10-11 May. Also, big thanks for all the feedback from my friends, the Reddit community, also Instagram followers. It helped a lot when I was stuck with some idea and didn't move forward.


Future tee

Here is the first sneak peek in the collection. This is one of the most straightforward designs, but do you know your future? Scan this tee to find it out. Of course, it is a clickbait sentence, but I love that maybe it will trigger some thoughts in people and get them out of their daily thinking pattern. To think out of the box and ask questions that you have never asked yourself.



Very happy to understood that the reflection will be 2 years old in September. It has been a long road and all kinds of challenges. But the people who follow the brand and purchases collection pieces makes me believe a little more every time. It allowed me to believe myself, actually. Before, I was trying so hard to achieve different goals with the brand and push it. However, when I truly started to believe the power in myself in the process and the brand itself, it changed. I finally started to tell the universe what I want. When the universe knows what you want, it will open your doors. If you make a mistake and miss one entry, it will be another door and another when you achieve what you were asking. You always have to have one "go and do it" in yourself. 


I wish everyone to be strong, love yourself, and express your art. Updates for the upcoming collection will follow in social media. 


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