How To Make A Clothing Brand In 2020?

      ic: How to make a clothing brand? Reflection tells how

       You probably know that in 2020 almost every "second" person have a shopify website with a clothing brand. What is the secret? How to make a clothing brand in 2020? In this blog post we will tell you what was the steps to start our own and how can you start your own clothing brand. Going really deep in details, where to find, what to do, step by step. What finances, and sources you need to achieve your goal. How to think ahead of different mistakes, so you learn from our mistakes. For the short answer, you can build your clothing brand with 100€.


Everything you need

       Everything will be listed here how much you need money, and what you need to do. Because we learned it from different people, and they helped us. So today we want to help you reader, if you have a wanting to make your own clothing brand. Of course this is our personal experience, or way to see it, so it is your decision to follow or not. 



       It is extremely important to make a list, how much money you need to make it happen in the first place. For our budget at the beginning we spent 100€. So it is possible! Everyone can do it, you just need to express your creativity in the world. The list what you will need : 30 € for website .com domain, 3 t-shirts with dtg-printed design + shipping to home 45 €, 2 models they can be friends and you can give them your designed t-shirts, 1 friend photographer and you can pay him also with the t-shirt, urban place 0 €, fb ads 25 €. Of course it all can be a lot different for you. But from experience, when friends will find out that you are doing something, they gonna support you, so be open minded, and look for opportunities.



       Come up with an interesting idea for different designs, clothes, your vision, you need to have it. And in the initial stages the logo isn’t so important. Our logo now also is futura basic font, the same as supreme logo. Nothing super scientific, more minimalistic, and what looks good. When you have the idea and how you gonna call your clothing brand, then are the next steps that will bring you forward. For a decent logo idea you can go to, were based on your wants. The programm will make different variations of your logo. Don’t spend too much time on it, because you can always rebrand yourself or make different variations of your logo. 



       When you have clothes with some designs, logo, story, vision. Now you can go and find your target audience. The most important thing what you have to be done is iteration. That means you go to client. Ask what are they needs, wants. You show your designs and ask them - do you want to buy it? If the client says no, then ask why, and what you need to improve. When you have edited your designs, listening to their feedback improved . Now you need to go again, and again. When the customer says yes, and buys your product. Also ask, as many people you can feedback about your brand, designs, logo, everything. Because they see it a lot different, like every human being. And that is the moment where you can also improve and listen to constructive feedback.



       When the clients are pleased, you can work on marketing, how you will promote the products, so future clients are interested. Now the technical part starts. Imagine how the clothes will look, what pieces you need to finish them, what kind of print it will be? Maybe you want two clothes made in one, here comes your creativity. We have a good option for starters, because, we also went through that. For example now we will give two options. In any case, preferably that you have plan a and plan b, for production. So the plan a is Printful. Printful is a dropshipping company. What does everything for you. How it all happens? You can add a printful app in myshopify store. When a client will buy something, the info goes to printful, and they immediately start fulfilment process. They have different clothes, different ways to print or embroider design, and also they ship it to the customer. It calls dropshipping. The owner doesn’t see the product, but gets the profit. Everything else does the other company. What is plan b? The dropshipping company now will be you. You need to make your own clothes, print designs, and ship to the customer. Decision is yours. 



       The whole process is ready. Now it is time for marketing. You already sent t-shirts or hoodies for your models. You can build a website. Which is for 2 weeks completely free in shopify. We prefer shopify, because it is transparent, easy to understand, very statistic. We also learnt a lot from youtube, when we built the website, it didn’t take longer than 2 days to make everything perfect. 



       The creativity moment is the most joyful. Here it all depends on you, there is no sky in that, you can do whatever you want to do. Just be you. You can shoot photos, on the street, when it is dark with no cars on it, only city lights. You can have twin models. You can make a little video, for your clothing brand launch. Good luck! If you have any further questions don’t hesitate and reach us in instagram @reflectionlv

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