How Stüssy influenced streetwear

Why Stussy is one of the streetwear pioneers? We will inform you in this exciting blog post. In our opinion, it is important, to find out your roots. We are also in streetwear community and have a big respect for everything that they have done for the community.


Humble beginnings for Stussy

At this moment Stussy is one of the most famous streetwear brands of all time. With humble beginnings in West Coast of California. The brand has built a legacy, through these years. The brands roots started in early 80s, were its founder Shawn Stussy made surfboards with different illustrations and the famous signature logo. Every surfboard was with unique graphics and signature with a marker. It was similar to his uncle Jan Frederick Stussy. When he recognized, how many surf board clients he had, Shawn started to sell t-shirts with screen printed stussy logo on it. In one summer he sold about one thousand tees. Then he understands, he needs something special. He partnered up and made the clothing brand with Frank Sinatra Jr. (no relation to the singer) in 1984.



Creative process

Shawn had a different way of seeing clothes and designs. He had the taste, that you can combine different patterns and styles together so in the end something unique was made. With different styles, he made amazing graphics. A lot of people wanted something out of the box. The clothing brand predicted what are the client needs. Cut and sew pieces, also screen prints, cool graphics, which were mixed with different styles like, reggae, punk, hip-hop, graffiti, surfing, skating. 


Streetwear birth

Spread of influences and urban cultures were brought together. In the early 90s New York hip-hop look of jackets, baggy jeans and Timberland boots was because of influences by Stussy, and one after another one, the birth of streetwear was invented. 


Stussy tribe

When Shawn was young, he traveled a lot around the world, including Paris, London, New York, to meet with creative people and experts in his field. At that moment started the International Stussy tribe, including professionals James Lebon, Michael Kopelman, Hiroshi Fujiwara. The tribe was really important factor why Stussy became so popular internationally. Shawn even send clothing to different individual creatives and experts in various cities around the world. It wasn’t for any marketing or commercial reason, but it all happened organic. They loved what they wear and do. It was something unique, what you can’t get in every clothing shop. They made a community, which builds upon stories.

Shawn leaves brand

In mid 90s, more and more clothing brands were created. And it was very hot time, because new clothing brands didn’t want to be unique, they just wanted to sell as much as they can. For a while Stussy didn’t go along with the market. The market in USA weakened. The pressure was to make the brand better so it would survive. Shawn left in 1995. Frank Sinatra Jr. continued to run the company.


Amazing legacy

Even in these days this brand is timeless. The logo, and the story has a deeper meaning. Clothing brands in these days can only learn from these pioneers. What they are doing. We have seen brands as Huf, Goodenough, Supreme where they have inspiration from Stussy bucket hats or graphic tees or the style. Interesting fact, that Supreme Owner James Jebbia also teamed-up with Stussy from 1991-1994. Also in late 80s, Hiroshi Fujiwara the member of Stussy tribe created his own brand Goodenough. That fact the brand and logo stood his ground from 80s, and didn’t change drasticly, is a big success, and we think they definitely are one of the best. Even now the world changes very fast, and the fashion industry. This brand is still independent and has their own way. 


Collaborations with others

Stussy was among the first brands to make a collaboration with a different company. And the final result was terrific. They had collaboration with - Nike, G-Shock, Supreme, Bape, and a lot of others. 


Shawn Stussy collaboration with Dior

The latest news in 2020 is from retired Shawn Stussy. After 20 years of pause, he has made a collaboration with Dior. With very amazing visuals. He drew patterns for clothes and commercial purpose. Even Dior logo on clothes has Stussy font on it.


Check out their website

Chech out their instagram 





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